Nalu Beads

The inspiration for our surf beads has been taken from the sea and it’s ever changing moods and beauty from season to season. Maybe its in the shell we find strewn on the shoreline or in the many shades of turquoise we glimpse in the Atlantic breakers that tumble towards us. The thrill of being immersed in and at one with nature. What ever we do and wherever we may be.

Each one of our collectable lampwork surf beads has been designed and individually handmade using beautiful Effetre Murano glass. This glass is some of the most beautiful glass in the world, it has been manufactured on the island of Murano, Italy for centuries and is proven to hold its finish, lustre and colour with no special storage requirements.

If looked after they should last for hundreds, even thousands, of years.

Wear our surf spots ‘Break beads’ to remind you of that special time and place, follow your lifes journey and tell your own story. With so many colours and designs to choose from and with plenty of ways in which to wear them you can express yourself like only you can.
How will you wear yours?

Our surf beads measure between 14mm and 17mm in diameter



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